Project Description



Land Claims Map

A Map of Argentina and the Cruz Property

Project Overview

The Cruz property is located in the Pocitos salar basin in Salta Province, Argentina and encompasses 2,500 hectares. This lithium asset places Southern Lithium within the South America’s Lithium Triangle (northern Chile, northwestern Argentina and southwest Bolivia). The Cruz property is located in the north end of the Pocitos salar basin in Salta Province, Argentina, south of the Ady Resources operation, which is the only lithium producer in the Salta province.

The 60-kilometer long Pocitos basin has been subject to surface sampling previously; however, it has only been drilled once in the 1970s by a government agency. That single shallow drill hole and subsequent surface sampling by multiple explorers encountered lithium values as high as 400 mg/L. The more recent sampling campaigns tend to shown higher lithium concentration along the deep faults, supporting the conclusion that the faults are conduits for lithium-bearing fluids emitted by the northern volcanic center.  Through the potential acquisition of the Cruz property, Signal Exploration hopes to establish its presence in the Pocitos basin and further deliver on its mission to secure strategic lithium mining projects.