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Southern Lithium Corp. is a resource exploration company that is engaged in the business of acquiring and exploring mineral properties, with specific concentration on lithium.

Southern Lithium’s Corporate Mission is to:

1.   Assemble world class mining and management team

2.  Secure strategic best in class mining assets. With focus on high-grade lithium assets located in key jurisdictions

3.   Explore low cost and environmentally responsible exploration and production methods

Why Lithium?

With the world shifting away from carbon to clean energy, lithium has proven to be an essential resource with increasing demand. Global lithium ion battery is expected to grow from $17.5 billion to $70 billion by 2020. A great number of products can require lithium for their production, this ranging from lithium stearate (industrial grease) to lithium fluoride (aluminum smelting) to butyllithium (organic compounds). However, the projected increase in demand is mainly due to lithium’s unparalleled energy density, which in addition to being lightweight renders lithium an irreplaceable component of batteries.

This unparalleled energy density coupled with increasing demand for battery storage has established lithium as a key resource. Lithium ion batteries are included in numerous electronic devices such as laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, electrical shavers, and medical devices since early 2000s. However, the recent commercial successes of electric vehicles has become the main driver behind lithium’s increased demand, with electric vehicles requiring substantially larger quantities of lithium versus current battery powered electronic devices.

Environmental Responsibility

As we become ever more environmentally aware, and as we move increasingly towards renewable clean energy sources, Southern Lithium Corp. strongly believes that both lithium exploration and mining should occur in the most environmentally responsible manner. This commitment forms an integral part of our corporate mission. This commitment entails actively managing our environmental risk and using natural resources efficiently, while expanding our operations and delivering shareholder value.

Lithium is typically found on salt flats where there are relatively low levels of vegetation or other life forms; hence, substantially reducing possible adverse environmental effects. Southern Lithium is committed to identifying and utilizing mining assets that require brine harvesting of lithium. Brine harvesting has significantly smaller environmental footprint as compared to hard rock lithium mining.

The scientific and technical information disclosed on this website has been reviewed and approved by Larry Segerstrom, M.Sc. (Geology), P.Geo., a Director of the Company, who is a “Qualified Person” as such term is defined under National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (“NI 43-101”).